Write for Binge Media

Binge Media is looking for written and/or video discussions of any and all media, namely Television, Movies, Music, Theatre, Art, and Internet videos.

Typically, we'll ask for a proposal about the project you want to undertake, just so we don't have more than one person working on more than one project at a time (we may incorporate similar topics as time goes on).

Art: Are you an artist or know an artist you really want to discuss?  Send us a proposal. 

Independent Projects: Anything not already covered, we want to hear what you have in mind.

Internet Videos: Is there a series you like online and would like to discuss? Send us a proposal!

Movies: Are you a movie buff? Send us a proposal of what kinds of discussions you'd like to do about movies.

Music: Do you appreciate music? Send us a proposal of what kinds of discussions you'd like to do about music (think, focusing on one band at a time and one discussion per album).

Television: Fan of a show? Send a proposal of what kind of discussion you'd like to do.

Theatre: Thespians come out of the woodwork and get your show promoted online. Let's talk!

Email: ghostthekitten@gmail.com
Subject: Binge Media - (insert project name here)
Body: Legal Name - Creating Name
(for proposals) Submit your proposal in between 20-50 words.
(if this is your first submission) 20-50 word bio and Paypal email address
Attachment: Your proposed content. Please send only one at a time.
(if this is your first submission) Bio Picture 
Compensation: $5 per accepted piece, $1 for every 1,000 hits.

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